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The Tap Steakhouse

in three easy steps

Traditional steakhouse & Pub, Modern twist

The best of both worlds. A friendly pub with the  Added bonus of an 

exceptional steakhouse style menu


Serving the finest cuts of locally sourced meat

Why locally sourced? Because it's just better that way. All our steaks are Hand selected and aged for a minimum of 30 days


Located in
the heart
of the community

Shaking off the old reputation and creating something special for

the fine people of Stafford and beyond



The Tap Steakhouse is an independently owned and run pub & restaurant in Stafford. Our ethos is simple, keep it local. From the people we serve to the produce we source for our food. 

We've taken an empty pub and started something special. Shaking off any reputations of the past and making The Tap a place that the whole community can enjoy.


wed - THUR 5pm-10pm 

FRI & SAT noon - 10pm 

SUNDAY noon-10pm 



Slow BBQ ribs // single £7.00/ for two £12.00/ for four £22.00 

Roasted for 5 hours in our BBQ glaze until tender. Choose between a single portion, a sharing plate for two or a tray for four 


House wings // single £6.00/ for two £11.00/ for four £20.00

Chicken wings cooked low & slow in a fiery rub, topped with toasted sesame seeds and served with roasted garlic mayonnaise


Whitebait //  £6.50

Crispy breaded whitebait served with a lemon & chive soured cream


Haggis & Black Stack //  £6.00 

Layers of black pudding and haggis smothered in a creamy peppercorn sauce. Incredible    


Baked Camembert // (V)  £9.00 

Creamy baked cheese with a garlic & thyme crumb, warm bread for dipping and a sweet onion chutney. Enough for two to share        


Nachos // (V) single £5.50/ for two £8.50 

Corn tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, jalapeños, salsa and soured cream    


Beer’d up garlic mushrooms // (V) £5.50 

Fresh mushrooms cooked in a beer laced garlic cream sauce. Served with bread for dipping



Wexford Steak //  £15.25 

Prime Derbyshire rump steak cooked to your liking & topped with mushrooms, crumbled stilton and a peppercorn sauce


Pesto Crusted Salmon //  £14.50

Fresh salmon fillet topped with a tasty pesto crust. Served with buttered baby new potatoes


Mercians & Mash //  £10.95

Herby Mercian sausages served on a bed of buttery mashed potato with braised cabbage, crispy onions and a rich grav


Beer’d Up Fish & Chips //  £10.95 

Flaky white fish, crispy batter, scoop chips, mushy peas. Job done!    


Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry // (V)  £12.95 

Chunky sweet potato, chick peas and spinach in a rich coconut sauce. Served with rice and mini poppadoms


Steakhouse Curry //  £12.50 

Chunks of tender lamb slow cooked in a homemade madras gravy. With soured cream, rice and mini poppadoms



Centre Cut Rump // 7.5 oz £9.95    10 oz £12.95     15 oz £18.95

As the name would suggest, this cut is taken from the centre of the rump on the lower back of the beast, 

just behind the sirloin. A steak for the true beef lover, the rump is packed full of flavour


SIRLOIN // 7 oz £12.95    12 oz £19.95

A firm favourite among steak fans who select this cut for the intense dry-aged beef flavour. 

A true classic, versatile enough to be served rare, medium or even well done


RIB EYE // 12 oz £18.95

This cut comes from the prime piece of the beast and is marbled with a central piece of fat which 

floods the steak with flavour. At its best when cooked medium


T-BONE // 24 oz £29.95

A steak consisting of sirloin on one side of the T shaped bone and fillet on the other. Cooking on 

the bone ensures the beef is succulent and packed with flavour. Best served medium rare


CENTRE CUT FILLET // 7 oz £18.95    10 oz £24.95

This cut is from the laziest part of the cow, but when you are talking about finding the best 

quality beef, being lazy is a very good thing! Doing the least amount of work for the animal 

ensures that the resulting steak is extremely tender




Our classic hand rolled steak burger topped with smoked bacon, melted brie and a caramelised red onion chutney


TFC (tap Fried Chicken) BURGER // £11.50

Crispy buttermilk chicken topped with monterey jack cheese and smothered in hot habanero salsa


Wexford Burger  // £12.95

Steak burger topped with mushrooms & crumbled stilton. Served with peppercorn sauce for drizzling over your burger or just for dipping


Spinach & Falafel Burger // (V) £11.00

Spiced chickpea and onion burger topped with goats cheese



Triple Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. If you like chocolate, we think you may just like this brownie


Belgian Waffles

Topped with clotted cream ice cream and toffee sauce


Caramel Apple Cobbler

Sweet pastry case filled with caramel, custard & apples. Topped with crumble and toffee icing


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Toffee pudding made with dates & cream in a rich butterscotch sauce    


Crème Brûlée 

A true classic. Caramelised sugar on top with a soft and smooth custard underneath


Lemon Cheesecake 

A buttery biscuit base topped with a zesty cream cheese filling    



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59 Peel Terrace, Stafford ST16 3HE 


CALL: 01785 212538